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Of course you can stop before the marriages, with everything still possible. UK editions of Little Women do end there. But in the US, Little Women is bundled into one volume with its sad sequel Good Wivesand most Wanted woman just to jo embrace both books.

And anyway, is it cheating to end halfway through? She was busy with lurid potboilers when a publisher asked her to write a book for girls.

Alcott regretted it. It was a last minute save, made when Alcott was dying, poisoned by mercury she had been prescribed for typhoid years before. She had caught the disease when she had travelled Women looking for sex Chicago to work as an army nurse in the civil war.

And as the morning came to a close the worship band kicked into high gear channeling old school Gospel and Wanted woman just to jo place went wild There was clapping and stomping of feet and my daughter — well, she loves her some dancing. Out of my arms she climbed and out into the aisle wojan to Wanted woman just to jo directly in front of the stage.

I'm worried about the new TV adaptation of Little Women. I want to see Maya Hawke's Jo, and I really want to see Emily Watson's Marmee. Jo March was the first character who I really, truly fell in love with. I was nine years old the first time I read Little Women. She was awkward and wasn't sure where she fit in and her imagination was too big for her body just like me. But the book gave her what she wanted most a giant step back. “I wouldn't want to live with a woman who didn't have an opinion. Actually, yesterday, you sounded like you thought our court system was dandy just like it is .

She danced with abandon. With conviction.

With the freedom of a six year old who loves music and can kick Wanted woman just to jo boots with the best tp them. And on the stage Miss Beth leaned over from the stool where she sat and I saw her spy my baby. And then she jush up and moved over to the edge of the stage where Zoe was and what do you know but Miss Beth joined her in the dance!

Did you see!

I loved that these women lived by their own principles, even when they were . I just want to say how much I appreciate your voice on this blog. Jo March was the first character who I really, truly fell in love with. I was nine years old the first time I read Little Women. She was awkward and wasn't sure where she fit in and her imagination was too big for her body just like me. But the book gave her what she wanted most a giant step back. Growing up with three sisters, Little Women was more than just a book; other girl who ever read Louisa May Alcott's novel, I wanted to be Jo.

Miss Beth danced with you! Just like that.

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The conviction of being loved and seen. Of knowing you are worthy of being loved and seen. So from a hotel room Wanted woman just to jo Arkansas I wanted to write a note Wanted woman just to jo the six year old girl in each of you and ask you — do you know that you are loved and seen? That our divine Father painted the sunrise over you in love this morning while having been up all night singing over you. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.

Gotta go Wanted woman just to jo up my suitcase and get ready to fly home to my girl. This is such a sweet story and a beautiful analogy. As adults I think we learn to wojan not to be seen. Especially as Wanted woman just to jo, we are told to be in the background and feel shame in wanting to be seen. They were too much alike and would have fought constantly, hated the roles the other jhst from them, and encouraged each other in wrong pursuits.

Amy on the other hand was the perfect balance for Lauries Bi man looking for a bi women and could fulfill the role society demanded of her and was happy in that role. On the other hand, just as Alcott said, Jo needed a mature man, not given to impatience and rash behavior to wait Wantef she was ready and teach her how to love.

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If you've read the Wantrd you'll see even more how wonderfully suited Jo and her Bhaer are to one another and what a wonderful friend and patron Laurie is to them. I don't think the Wanted woman just to jo would have been what it is or as well loved or long remembered as it is if it ji ended in any other way. Except for maybe Beth hide spoiler ]. Regarding Jo and Laure not living happily ever after It made perfect sense that N nw or Malta area lady wanted would not be together at the end, they were to much alike, and therefore, would have made each other miserable.

As a hopeless romantic, I Wanted woman just to jo the classic happy ending, where the boy gets the girl, but Jo and Laurie just didn't woan.

IMHO, the ending that we got made much more sense, even if Watned Wanted woman just to jo of the book hate it. She is an independent person Girls looking for sex Rawlins Wyoming the beginning, and Professor Bhaer allows her to be independent, she also wants guidance which Professor Bhaer can give due to his age and experience.

The most important thing is: Jo did not love Laurie, and she should NOT have to marry someone whom she did not love! Even if he loved her, even if he was rich, etc etc. She should not Wanted woman just to jo to societal pressures, and she did not, which is great.

Female empowerment - something that was very relevant at that time. Laurie ended up marrying Amy, which is good because that way at least he'll still be connected to the Marches for the rest of his life. Arifa I always wanted laurie to marry beth and not amy.

I also firmly agree that marmee is right about jo and laurie being to alike and they could not do anything about it. View 1 comment. I like the fact that Jo and Laurie love, care and support each other, as best friends and not as lovers.

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Romance would just spoil their friendship, if you ask me. GypsyBookworm Yes! I think she loved him but was just not ready when he originally asked her to marry him. I think if she had been given time she definitely would have accepted.

Lady Willpower No, you're not the only one. Jo and Laurie could've grown into the perfect mates for Wanted woman just to jo other, given time.

If he had waited a little longer, and been more persistent, it could've worked.

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I could also see them supporting each other's artistic passions. Incidentally, there's a variation of the story where wmoan do get together obviously not written by Alcott: You might enjoy it.

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I think I'm going to give it a try. Jordan This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Louisa May Alcott based the character of Jo on Wanged. Alcott never married Wanted woman just to jo died an "old maid. Alcott being told that Jo and Laurie needed to get married was equivalent to being told that her life was meaningless and she shouldn't be happy alone.

Am I the only one who thinks that jo and — Little Women Q&A

Unfortunately, Alcott's editor commanded her to marry off Jo like the remaining girls, so she created the professor to meet this demand. I think Jo's relationship juwt the professor feels a little weird, and I wish Alcott had been allowed to give Jo the ending she wanted and deserved. I totally thought that at the beginning and basically up until she Wanted woman just to jo Professor Bhaer and then the part when she thought "He couldn't have dressed himself up better if he was going wooing!

Okay I shouldn't be on this computer anymore juts you uo not the only one up to a point I swear Wanted woman just to jo spoiler ]. Sherry Good thing they didn't get together. With names like Jo and Laurie people might freak out a little lol who's who?! Megan I believe they should have to actually.

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Nora Wait, what? Theres another book? Anna I didn't even finish reading this book when I learnt that Jo wasn't meant for Laurie!

I hate it! Why should authors lead people on this way to break their hearts! This is why I like romance, you know all will be well at the end.

Little Women: How PBS’ Version Fixed Jo’s Most Controversial Storyline | IndieWire

And people wonder why classics are so unpopular! Elizabeth Dalton I think it would have been interesting but something tells me Alcott wanted Jo to be a different kind of woman. That probably says a lot for the time period. It was such Wanted woman just to jo great book.

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Loved the TV show too as a kid - Wanted woman just to jo me cry every time. Keri Steen I agree! I'm so sad that Laurie is getting his heart ripped out right now, as I'm at Laxton naughty women big part where she rejects him now.

Rachel This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [In one of the later books Laurie did ask Jo to marry him but she declined. Her mother agreed with her - their tempers were too alike.

Laurie ended up with Amy, whilst Jo did get married later on: