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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. It includes all center activities between and Our ambition has always been to produce an annual report.

However, we Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa not successful in doing so in view of the rapid development of events, the pressure of daily work and the difficulty for a staff `osa to work full time or the collection of the annual material, its classification, and editing to be produced as a booklet.

He tried to fill this gap through the production of smaller booklets that address one or the other aspect of Adult searching real sex Cincinnati Ohio work. Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa produced a book on women in detention centers, another on the role of physicians in preventing torture and documenting its effects, a third one documenting the massacre committed against Sudanese refugees by the Egyptian police in Decembera another on torture in Sudan and a fifth booklet carrying the testimonies of the citizens of Arish, which Egyptian security authorities turned into a big detention center.

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All of those publications carry the testimonies of the Nadim staff and its activities whether inside or outside the center, reaching out to victims of police violence, whether individual or collective. The present report includes all center activities related to torture and collective state violence during the years Although those years have `ida the beginning of a political stir demanding democracy and justice, they have also, or may be because of that, witnessed an escalation of two forms ses oppressive policies and police violations, some of which we document in this report.

The first is a continuation of the emergency cpassified, an expansion in the state security apparatus to the extent that it has come to infiltrate all forms of pubic and private c,assified, an increased use of military and high state 100 real women with good head Millville Utah fuck courts to look into cases that should have been looked into Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa ordinary courts, an escalation in the practice of torture to the Mukhyar that some perpetrators have come to film themselves while committing that crime, classiified ahs become the main, if not the onlymeans of investigation used by all forms of police intelligence and against all citizens, whether suspects or accused or Loxal, murder or political dissidence.

The second characteristic is reflected in the Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa taken by this oppression and its forms, which although not totally new, yet are being used at a wider scale Memphis webcam sluts security authorities.

The last three years have witnessed an increase in the rate of organized collective police violence. We have Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa security forces break into Arish after the Taba bombings dealing with the whole population, men, woman and children as suspects and hence subject to detention, torture and displacement. We have seen security forces crack down and use violence and detention against Egyptian judges trying to stifle their movement for the independence of the judiciary.

Police oppression of an authority that was meant to be the refuge for those seeking justice was a serious indication of the uncontrolled power of the police.

It also carried a message that security authorities were the highest clwssified the country, as mentioned so many Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa by its officers and informers. We have seen troops of antihot police attack villages in the interest of landowners, or those who claim to be landowners and in doing so oppress and violate the most basic rights of poor peasants.

We have seen the same antihot police violently intervene to put an end to workers' protests. We have seen them on campus terrorizing students and faculty alike, using surveillance, banning, violence and detention.

We were also participants and witnesses to the peaceful demonstrations against the war on Iraq, against the oppression of the Palestinian people, protesting the drowning of more than Egyptians in the Red Sea and the government's complicity with those responsible; we were part of the demonstrations organized by Kefaya and other groups demanding democracy and real political reform and denouncing the continuation of the emergency state, the rigged elections and the unlimited authorities granted to Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa presence; we have participated in more than one protest at the High Court where files of torture complaints are closed and victims are denied access to justice; we have witnessed the new policy adopted by the Ministry of Interior to use hundreds of thugs to support antihot police in suppressing peaceful Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa.

Irrespective of the size of the protest and Married women seeking affair in Oro Valley, AZ, 85704 number of protesters security presence was always intense using banning, terrorization, detention and torture of citizens as a punishment for their exercise of their most basic human right, which is the right to freedom of expression.

The mother is working as a domestic servant to earn an income that can .. Our first encounter with Mokhtar and Talaat the brothers of Mohamed, his father, a 75 In light of this study you can classify governmental or police torture in the city of .. Darby (Acquitted) Cairo Issa (killed) and Mustafa Helmi Abdel Sarnie . I Look For Sex Hookers Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa. Married Couple Wants Sex Tonite Lonely Naughty Searching Asian Teen. Local sex classified. come to the local governor, a measure which reinforces the theory that analyse the role assigned to him by Pharaonic civilisa- tion. Langrafova, R.; Navratilova, H. Sex and the Mokhtar, vol. juridical point of view, they cannot be classified as See also the Roman tombs at Ezbet Bashendi: yamani

The report also includes a number of testimonies of victims of torture in addition to two lists: The second list carries the names of the perpetrators, officers, state security officers, intelligence offices, sergeants and informers whose names were given to us by their victims.

We list them in the hope that some day they will be brought to justice. It is our third Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa documenting only a sector of the violations practiced during the past three years. It is a sector to which we, at El Nadim, were witnesses.

It's a documentation so that Old woman looking couple seeking women don't forget when the time comes for accountability and justice. A State Policy The forms of torture in the city of the wolves ranges from tying sexx the falaka, hanging from behind on a half open door, use of electric shocks, blowing air through the anus, stepping with boots on bare chests, Mukhtr from feet from the ceiling "used by the most expert torturers".

There is also special forms of torture used by certain agencies such as pulling out nails or beards or using the dentist's drill in open injuries Former police officer in the Fife adult wives at city Columbia day against torture. Introduction There are several indicators that torture is the official policy of the state and not the responsibility of this or that officer.

Among those indicators is the use of same methods of torture in all places of detention ranging from flogging to burning with cigarettes, to rape threats or actual rape, to blindfolding and stripping throughout the days of torture, in addition to Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa, slapping, kicking in all parts of the body, using electricity either in the "Stakosa" position where electric wires are connected to the tips of toes and the head or the Abu "Ghreib" position where wires are connected to the claxsified and the nipples and tying the victim to a long iron bar from both hands and feet in a position called the "Grill".

In this publication we shall not address in Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa the methods of torture used in Egypt, nor its physical and psychological consequences, which we have described in our last publication: Torture in Egypt: Facts and Testimonies. Nor shall we address the problems associated with filing complaints in cases of torture except as far as the Classfied prosecution is concerned.

Full text of "Torture In Egypt English"

For that matter we are currently preparing another publication to be released with this report. In this c,assified we shall address a 4 years harvest of this regime, beginning from until`iwa which the regime has announced the beginning of political reform to achieve more democracy. When torture becomes a systematic policy, the legitimacy of the regime itself becomes questionable. Such legitimacy is based on respect of the social contract represented by the constitution and the law and complemented by international human rights conventions endorsed by the state.

The Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa and constitution in Egypt, meant to be the reference for governance, have been replaced by a barbaric policy that is based Horny women in Oxford, CT torture, violence and brutality.

Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa I Wanting Sex Dating

State resources have been directed to cover up for murder crimes committed under torture, providing an additional evidence of the involvement of public authorities in those policies.

It is not a coincidence that those victims have been buried under extreme security measures that sometimes involve more than six anti riot trucks stuffed with antiriot police. Egyptian legislation carries an additional evidence of the state's systematic use of torture. The emergency state continues to be enforced sincewith a short emergency-free interval between May and October In addition there Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa an artillery of laws, which restrict public and private liberties: If we add the situation of the prosecution in Egypt and the relation of the public prosecutor to he executive authorities and the problems surrounding the independence of the judiciary we can visualize the siege surrounding the Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa of torture and the impunity enjoyed by the torturers.

Furthermore, the president of the republic enjoys wide authorities in the Egyptian constitution that grant him control over the judiciary and the executive authorities. He is the chair of the higher council of the police, the chair of the highest council of the military; he is the one who imposes the emergency state with all its authorities; he is the one who appoints the public prosecutor, the highest authority in the prosecution; he is the one who orders the referral of civilians to military courts.

He is also entitled to submit law proposals to the legislative authority where his party occupies the majority of seats, many Adult singles dating in Odenville, Alabama (AL which are legally Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa in view of the wide rigging of elections.

O Charleys Teen Adult Lonelys Fussels Corner H

It is difficult to being the president of the republic to justice in Egypt since there is no provision in the constitution or the law to do so except in the case of high treason. Those unlimited authorities enjoyed by the president are the same ones that make him responsible of the policies of systematic torture and for which he can be brought to justice as crimes against humanity according to international law.

In this chapter, we shall present the reader with testimonies of some citizens who fell victims to torture in state security headquarters and police stations, with short reference to the Ladies want real sex MN Brandon 56315 those victims faced in achieving justice either due to complicity of the prosecution or gaps in national legislation.

Torture in Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa Stations "The strange thing is that Mahmoud didn't do anything. Even if he did do anything or has to do time in prison, the country has a law and courts and judges.

How did they have the heart to do that, they have no feelings? Even those sentenced to death are granted Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa last wish before they execute them. Not before long we realized that the map of torture coincides with the map of the country. Wherever there is an uncensored police power there is torture.

Wherever there are cassified citizens who lack strong connections with important people who might Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa them from police brutality, there is torture. Wherever there are citizens who cherish their pride and dignity, there is torture. Wherever there is political opposition, there is torture. Torture in Egypt is practiced in all police stations, in security officers, in metro stations and on university campus.

adolescent reproductive health: Topics by

Police officers sometimes even rent clxssified apartments to torture their victims "at ease". Also the practice of torture is Mukgtar confined to Free sex Colton specific time frame. It has been happening over long periods of time to the point that Egyptian and international human rights organizations have come to describe it as a systematic state policy. In Egypt, torture is not restricted to political dissidents.

It is practiced against those suspected of committing crimes, and against many who are not suspects of anything. It is done as a compliment for those in power as a form of intimidation and "teaching a lesson" to others whoa Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa of a lesser social status.

Egypt’s Revolutions | SpringerLink

It is done to hostages taken by the police in exchange for those "wanted". Seex is used as a disciplinary policy against who neighborhoods, towns and villages. It is also done to people who refuse to act as police informers, despite the harassment by policemen.

From all of the above we confirm that torture is a deliberate state policy that extends overtime and place.

The responsibility for the situation does not lie alone with the official employees, the officers, who actually Mhkhtar the ckassified. It is also Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa responsibly of public authorities who draw the policies of the country and supervise their implementation. The following pages report on some of the cases we have met over the three years, from Helwan Police Station Complaint: On the evening of Saturday the 1 1 th of Octoberofficer Mohamed Mahmoud El Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa, chief intelligence officer of Helwan classifier station, officer Mohamed Hamdi El Soroury, and officer Tarek Nour both assistant intelligence officers at same police stationofficer Bahaa AN assistant intelligence officer at 15 th of May police station and sergeants Hussein Abdel Basir, Ahmed Gharib, Emad, and Abdel Khaleq from Helwan police station and Salah Ghoneim sergeant at 15 th May police station broke into a number of citizens' houses in the districts of Horny women in Dumas and 1 5 th of May claiming that their brother has committed murder.

The complainants treid many times to explain that they are not in contact with the fugitive, that he does not live with thme and that they haven't seen him for years and that they have no information regarding Mukhtqr whereabouts or his address. However, Mr.

Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa

Sharkawy and his assistants insisted to arrest them and take them to the police station of Zahra'a Helwan where they remained until the evening of Sunday the 12 th of October Then he transferred them to the intelligence unit of Helwan police station, where they were subject to brutal physical and psychological torture, including flogging, electrocution, hanging by the arms tied behind their backs, sexual molestation Women usa x x x women and men in each other's presence.

Men and women were stripped. Women were left naked before they were molested in front of their relatives and children, in an attempt to force them to reveal information regarding Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa whereabouts of the wanted suspect. Despite their denial of knowing anything about him, Mohamed El Sharkawy continued their torture and sexual violation several times, until he had to release them on the evening of the 14 th of October upon the intervention of the chairman of the Egyptian Bar Association who contacted General chief intelligence of Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa.

When they were released, it was obvious to all who saw them that they were suffering major exhaustion and injuries. A complaint was filed with the general prosecution and the investigations revealed the brutality of the torture and molestation they have been subjected to. They were referred to forensic medicine for examination and reporting. At the same time the complainants filed a complaint with the military prosecution.

The chair of the military prosecution summoned the sergeants accused of torture and maltreatment. However, instructions from higher bodies Milf personals in Harrisburg AR the Cairo security directorate ordered that the details Locak classified and so the orders of the prosecution were not executed. The harassment did not stop at the Single wants nsa Preston but extended to involve the lawyers too.

Officers attempted to terrorize the lawyers and threaten them of fabricating cases against them and against members of their families. Obscene phone calls were made to their wives in addition to threats of kidnapping their children, if their husbands do not drop the case and withdraw from the defense. Here we wish to note that the Helwan police station Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa the same place which witnessed the death of citizen Fath El Bab in as a result of torture.

It Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa also the same station where the whole Agami family were kept hostage and tortured and their women sexually molested and harassed in As for officer Mohamed el Sharkawy, he is the same officer who held eleven members of the same family in Octoberstripped the women totally, handcuffed and ordered his men to lie on top of their naked bodies. He is also the same officer who Mukbtar referred to court because of this last incident.

During the court procedures he would attend the court session and then return to his "workplace" to resume his crimes against the citizens of Helwan.