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Want For A Man Chinese death customs Harwich

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Chinese death customs Harwich

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Chinese death rituals follow a rich cultural tradition dating back to the earliest dynasties.

Chinese families still follow these traditions with a few small exceptions. Burial of the dead and the process by which it's handled is very important to Chinese people.

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Certain elements of how the funeral and burial rites are carried out depending on the dead person's:. It is believed that bad luck will plague the family of Chunese deceased if the burial is done incorrectly.

Proper Chinewe is always paid to elders in Chinese society, including those who are deceased. Therefore, the funeral of an elder must be carried out completely.

This includes:. According to Chinese customan elder does not have to show respect to someone who is younger. If a younger family member dies, there still remains the question of how to prepare for the funeral of unmarried adults and children.

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What may happen includes:. Elaborate funeral preparations are done for elders in Chinese families.

It is considered good and proper for children to go into debt in Chinese death customs Harwich to pay respect for older people at their funeral. These preparations include:. While some traditional Chinese death rituals use the rectangularly shaped casket with three humps, more modern Chinese use the Western-style caskets.

There are certain funeral etiquette protocols that should be followed for a Chinese funeral. These include:. Taoist or Buddhist monks keep vigil over the deceased during the wake.

They will chant verses of scripture for the deceased in order to help ease their journey into the afterlife. Music with a gong, flute or trumpet may be performed as well.

While the customs of some funeral rituals Cihnese be unfamiliar or even seem strange to us, they actually all have one common thread. Regardless of your culture, ethnicity, religion, etc.

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