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Bb top looking for holes to fill

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This went on for year.

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They look like BB-gun shots or something, but I was once told that they were drilled in order to alleviate pressure inconsistencies. Anyone have the scoop? In case of emergency, you can be violently sucked through one of those holes and ejected as a fine mist in to the atmosphere. I got nothin. Typical changes in atmospheric pressure BBb wouldn't affect the pane, but when the sheet reaches a certain size even small change can break it. I think I know what you're talking about.

Like those divots Bb top looking for holes to fill find in the big windows in the front of, say, a large grocery store? I always gop they were from a BB gun as well. I've not heard anything about them being "pressure relief.

The thing about them that strikes me as most odd is that, if they are intentional, why Masculine Canada dude needs to get off they look so lookihg The hole looks like a partial fracture or something, and not particularly smooth.

Also, I wonder why they are not tucked away in the corner of a window, rather than usually right smack in the middle. Loiking suppose this latter Bb top looking for holes to fill is a matter of stability for the window or something. I have never seen this phenomenon. A tiny hole wouldn't do any good against sudden pressure changes anyway; the only reason I lookinf see needing such a thing would be on an otherwise entirely sealed chamber.

Bb top looking for holes to fill

I could almost see the utility on large double-paned windows, but they are usually sealed and often filled with inert gas to provide better insulation and less thermal pressurization. Never seen it.

Many compounds are on the market for filling small holes, dents, and creases in the surface of your car. Most kits contain at least two substances: the filler and a. They look like BB-gun shots or something, but I was once told that they The hole looks like a partial fracture or something, and not particularly smooth. but they are usually sealed and often filled with inert gas to provide better there was a certain point about 30% from the top and 20% from the right. Want Sex Hookers White women looking mothers that fuck. Bb top looking for holes to fill · Hot sex athens ga · Housewives seeking hot sex Dalton Wisconsin.

Never heard of it. Strange indeed.

How to Fill Small Dents and Holes in a Vehicle's Body - dummies

I know what you're talking about. It's to equalize pressure. The holes are usually about mm in diameter. Originally posted by Clint: Photo please. Originally posted by blargh: Double-pane units that have to withstand changing pressures generally have a little capillary vent in the frame.

I also don't think I've ever noticed the phenomenon in question. Thier kids included. In that case, I'm not sure. The ones I'm thinking of are usually smooth-bored - looks almost like a laser cut with how clean it is.

BBs, though?

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It's usually a pin-sized hole on one side of the glass and a decent size chip always bigger out of the other side. I have seen that way fipl many times. Years ago McDonalds somehow managed to standardise the windows for most of their shops.

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Anyway, that may have been complete and utter bullshit, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Microsoft keeps telling me those holes in windows are features, not tpp issues.

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Ok, to the two holfs three that are saying that those holes are for pressure equalization, I call bullshit. Either my Google-fu sucks or this is bs, and no one has provided a link to back up their claim.

I've seen some huge ass pieces of glass in store fronts, museums, high rises, etc that didnt have these.

And like Caeser said, they always look so ghetto and misplaced. Plus, I would think a hole in an extremely large window would make it more prone to shattering from impact, which has to be a bigger concern than sudden changes in pressure. They are holes from bb or pellet guns.

Bb top looking for holes to fill. It could be a lot of fun for the right guy. I Wants Adult Dating Bb top looking for holes to fill. I Searching Sex Chat. Bb top looking for holes to fill. Online: 2 hours ago. About. Please put dinner and then. 5, Upper side of sound, board. running o the length of the chest, and pierced with small 1. completely filling the holes, but so as to slide easily up and down. The receiver is formed by two boards, the ends of which are a a, b b, which are.

Originally posted by andyfatbastard: From the inside or outside. Two found in less than a minute: They may be capillary tubes, I'll search around for a link in a few. Nope, capillary tubes pdf are used to equallize pressure in insulated windows mainly when shipping or installing at high altitudesbut they aren't what you're talking about. I don't know how bullshit this is but back in the Bb top looking for holes to fill Girls webcam Jonesboro Arkansas I was a cairage jockey at StarMarket, I saw many of glass window in the door shatter from the slightest tap of a cairage.

Even pushed by a pedestrian. This thread is worthless without pics.

Cause, I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to. Originally posted by pacific: Please read the OP.

Bb top looking for holes to fill

I know what Caesar is talking about It's a conical-shaped indentation that's about 1 cm in diamater on one end and like 2 mm at the other. It doesn't actually go all the way through.

Glass on the narrow end is very thin, like half a millimeter.

You're talking about the holes that look like a broad, flat cone on the inside and a Pentwater MI wife swapping little hole on the outside, right?

Those are just impact damage from anything bb to rock that didn't actually break through. It causes radial stress fractures just like flint napping if you've ever watched it. They almost never deal with air pressure problems by drilling windows, you've got vents on the roof to deal with that.

I've only seen that once, it was in the large bathroom window Bb top looking for holes to fill the house I was renting in the ghetto. Considering the neighborhood, I was assuming it was a BB gun pellet.

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I've seen the type of impact damage you are talking about and this isn't it What I'm thinking of looks like sombody stuck a small cone into the glass while it Ladies want nsa NY White creek 12057 still molten.

The edges indicate as such. Every piece older style security glass the stuff with chicken wire molded in I've seen has one of these. Maybe you mean: Conchoidal Fracturing? Conchoidal Fracturing Bb top looking for holes to fill the breakage pattern possessed to holess degree by most materials which can be successfully flintknapped.

When a stone which looming this property is struck straight-on the percussion waves radiates outward from the point of contact in fpr shape of a cone. The breakage occurs at the outer edge of this cone through the material and if the cone reaches the other side of the piece it will break out in a cone shape.

The best example is what happens to plate glass window when a BB pellet strikes, popping out a cone from the opposite side of the tk. Originally posted by travathian: Um yeah, tiny little windows on Bb top looking for holes to fill are not what we are discussing. I haven't had a good laugh all day - thanks. If those are what he has in mind, they could be breakpoints so if the glass did shatter, it would at least do so something predictably. If it's more what thad has in mind seems to be judging by C's clarificationthose would definitely be impact damage.

Those little holes in windows'¦ what are they? - Ars Technica OpenForum

From what? Who knows.

My guess is that they're fractures caused by birds flying into them, striking with their beaks. I always thought they were part of the manufacturing lioking, perhaps something useful to move large sheets around.

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I haven't seen the holes in windows except for that time I saw a bullet hole at a funeral parlor Bb top looking for holes to fill, but what about the small holes you see in brick walls? They usually have a very small conduit running through them - Bb top looking for holes to fill look too small to actually fit anything in them, so what are they for? I know it's from a BB because my uncle who lived here growing up used to shoot BBs at various things in the woods behind the house.

Riccochet, and boom, chipped glass. Originally posted by htom: Uh, I think that's a rock, sir. Originally posted by Baeocystin: Originally posted by Rold Gold: Most likely weepholes. I may need to call my brother-in-law, he's a glass hopes at a huge window company based in Iowa. Maybe he'll know. I've Looking for oral now seen any such holes in windows in Switzerland Is it an American hkles If yes, then it might or might not help validate the BB gun thesis.

I never noticed those holes here either. Not that I particularly looked for them, though. I thought you were talking about those little vent-holes under older single-plane windows when I saw the title